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Pride street art

Artist Kat Thorsen has been enlivening Vancouver alleys with more than just illicit after-party behaviour thanks to her wheat paste street art. She's been decorating alleys in the West End (from the back of Little Sister's to Celebrities) and the Downtown Eastside. Her latest portraits are going up this week to commemorate Pride, and I'm so honoured to be one of her subjects:

Some of the pieces, like the portrait below, have been vandalized, but Kat takes an optimistic stance and says it's all part of the excitement "not to get permission to do it and also to allow deterioration and others to do what they will to it, then converse back."

She will be covering the racist graffiti with a l'il birdie!

The Pride street art will be grouped together (like the below image) to create a collage in celebration of gay Vancouver.

For more work, and a step-by-step guide to wheat paste street art, check out Kat's blog.