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Pride ticket giveaway

I realize that I should probably be blogging about Lindsay Lohan’s horrible jail tan, but instead I’d like to remind you to vote my ass to Montreal for Queer of the Year. It’s the last day of the voting portion of the competition. Vote now and you’ll never have to witness me whorelor myself out for votes again! Hurray! PS, if you could also do me a favesie and vote for Steve Adams, that would be grrrrrreat.

In other news: I’ve got some tickets to give away to Iron Rod and SpitBash. The fourth and seventh person to email me at vancouvergayblog@gmail.com with the correct answer will win tickets to both… as long as you know the answer to the following skill-testing question:

What size is DJ Dreaddy’s hardhat?

And yes, we’re looking for inches here, people. Hit me with your best shot at vancouvergayblog@gmail.com.

In other news, Raye Sunshine is a big bag of sexy in these photos. Meeeeyowsah! 

Winners will be announced tomorrow. xx