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Pride Toronto 2010-2011: All coverage in one place


Pride Toronto board faces tough questions on deficit at general meeting
– Jan 28, 2011

A storm of anger met the Pride Toronto (PT) board of directors Jan 27 as members continued to demand answers on the “shocking financial mismanagement” that has forced one of the city’s flagship festivals almost to bankruptcy.

Pride Toronto's Tracey Sandilands resigns
– Jan 26, 2010

Tracey Sandilands, executive director of Pride Toronto (PT) since 2008, has resigned from her position, PT's board of directors announced on Jan 26.

Pride Toronto audited financial statements
– Jan 25, 2011

Pride Toronto financial statements show big losses

– Jan 25, 2010

The Pride Toronto (PT) audited financial statements have uncovered financial irregularities and significant losses, which have put the festival in serious jeopardy.

Pride Toronto to Torontoist: we're not that bad
– Dec 14, 2010

A Torontoist story this week names PT as one of the year’s villains because of the brouhaha that erupted around Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA), just in time to put a serious damper on this year’s party. 

EPISODE RECAP: What happened at the Pride Toronto AGM?
– Sept 28, 2010

It was a surreal evening at the annual general meeting (AGM) of Pride Toronto (PT) on Sept 23. Police on bicycles lingered outside Church Street Public School in Toronto’s gay village for five hours, while inside a tightly controlled semi-public meeting saw the delivery of unaudited financial information, the election of one new director and every motion put to the floor by members ruled out of order by the chair. And no, they didn’t let Chad speak.

Watch: Toronto election candidates on Pride controversy
– Sept 23, 2010

Leading up the Oct 25 municipal election, Xtra will be releasing video highlights of our editorial board interviews with mayoral and Ward 27 candidates.

Pride Toronto AGM primer: Five hot-button issues
– Sept 22, 2010

With Pride Toronto's (PT) annual general meeting set for Sept 23, looks at the issues that are most likely to become sticking points during the meeting. We've combed through news stories, email records, blog posts — even PT's own Faceook page — and here's what we found.

Members of Hawkes committee announced on eve of Pride Toronto AGM– Sept 22, 2010

Roughly three months after the concept was first broached, Pride Toronto has announced the names of the members of Pride Toronto's Community Advisory Panel.

Pride Toronto declines offer to livestream AGM
– Sept 21, 2010

Pride Toronto (PT) has issued a clampdown on media ahead of the Sept 23 annual general meeting.

Appended to a statement on the PT website announcing six contenders for the board was a message forbidding attendees from shooting video or taking photos at the event. 

Evan Dean among Pride Toronto board candidates– Sept 16, 2010

Pride Toronto (PT) announced on September the names of those who will stand for election at its AGM. The list includes six new faces, plus two board members looking to take on more responsibility. PT has announced three vacancies on the board.

Pride Toronto pledges to carry on with AGM
– Sept 14, 2010

Pride Toronto (PT) will not postpone its AGM, despite asking people to weigh in on the pros and cons of doing so.

Pride Toronto asks: "Should we wait?"– Sept 10, 2010

Pride Toronto (PT) wants queers to weigh in on whether to postpone the AGM until after its community consultations are completed.

Queer Ontario boycotts Pride Toronto panel
– Sept 9, 2010

Queer Ontario announced that it will boycott Pride Toronto’s (PT) planned community consultations, expected to kick off this fall. “The group sees the process of constituting the panel as fundamentally flawed and inconsistent with the values and principles of community relations and community engagement,” Queer Ontario said in a statement released on Aug 30. The group will not attend any public meetings held by the panel and will communicate its concerns directly to PT.

Bad timing or bad decisions?
– Sept 9, 2010

By now, we have a little distance, I would hope, from the Pride events that caused so much heartache this spring. Two months have passed since the parade, and visions of Cyndi Lauper are fading into nostalgia. The time has come for us to reflect. What caused the community-wrenching, vertigo-inducing, sponsor-scaring double flip-flop at Pride Toronto (PT)? How do we make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Watch: Pride Toronto all-candidates discussion
– Sept 8, 2010

All Can! is billed as "an all-candidates-style discussion with those who want to join Pride Toronto's board of directors, hosted by Jane Farrow. Join the Pride Coalition for Free Speech and Xtra as we get to know future Pride Toronto board members and quiz them in an all-candidates meeting format," says the event's Facebook page. 

Pride Toronto abruptly fills board vacancy in lead-up to AGM
– Sept 3, 2010

After enduring months of harsh criticism that it is unresponsive to the queer communities it serves — particularly from black and trans groups — Pride Toronto has baffled supporters and critics alike by abruptly appointing a new board member, who quickly came under fire for transphobic comments he made in 2008.

Pride Toronto looks for new leaders
– Aug 26, 2010

It’s been a tumultuous year for Pride Toronto, between the censorship fiasco, financial problems and public conflict with Blackness Yes and leaders in the trans community. With a city council motion to defund Pride still hanging in the air, the organization will select new leadership at the annual general meeting, planned for Sept 23.

Who will be on the Pride Toronto advisory panel?
– Aug 13, 2010

As Xtra goes to press, the list of people tapped to serve on Pride Toronto’s (PT) advisory panel remains under wraps. But Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto pastor Brent Hawkes says that he will act as the body’s chair, and the identities of the other panellists will be revealed before the end of August.

Pride Toronto searches for renewal– July 29, 2010

Empty beer gardens, flagging donations and sponsors who delayed signing contracts caused an estimated $250,000 deficit for Pride Toronto (PT), says executive director Tracey Sandilands.

Plans begin to crystallize in Pride Toronto's search for renewal
– July 27, 2010
New details are emerging about what shape Pride Toronto’s (PT) renewal efforts will take.

Pride Toronto lays off staff, anticipates $250k loss
– July 15, 2010

On July 14, Pride Toronto executive director Tracey Sandilands sent an email to staff announcing that two employees had been laid off and a third staff member, who had already given notice, would not be replaced. As well, a half dozen short-term contracts that expire at the end of July will not be renewed.

The party don't stop
– July 15, 2010

After all, Pride Toronto (PT) is at a crossroads. Two attempts to censor the parade’s participants — the March sign vetting policy and the May ban on the term “Israeli Apartheid” — may have been rescinded. But the policies, the backlash, and the activist uprising that it caused made one thing abundantly clear: the status quo ain’t an option any more.

What's next for the Pride Coalition for Free Speech?
– July 15, 2010

A question hung in the air: how should they best harness all the energy and goodwill generated in the previous month? Over the spring, the group had coalesced gradually. It started with Walsh and Doug Kerr, Went’s husband. Before the controversy, Walsh and Kerr spent the winter planning Pride Toronto’s (PT) official human rights programming.

Mammoliti's Pride Toronto funding motion passes with significant caveats– July 7, 2010

The City of Toronto staff must decide whether Queers Against Israeli Apartheid violated the city’s antidiscrimination policy. If they did, council will demand repayment for over $100,000 in support for Pride Toronto. That’s the result of a motion introduced by councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, heavily amended by council and passed by a vote of 36-1.

Video: Minor tension at Toronto Pride Parade over Queers Against Israeli Apartheid
– July 6, 2010

The chief controversy at this year's Toronto Pride Parade, about the presence of Queers Against Israeli Aparthied (QuAIA) and Pride Toronto's initial effort to ban the group, did not go entirely unnoticed.

Joyful, messy, chaotic: Big love for free speech at Toronto Pride
– July 5, 2010

Under the scorching sun, in the glaring eye of the straight media, with a million of our closest friends watching live from Yonge St, the city of Toronto pulled off a tiny miracle of civility, joyfulness and downright gaiety.

Take Back the Dyke takes over Toronto streets
– July 5, 2010

Toronto had two dyke marches at the same time on Saturday, July 3: the Pride Toronto Dyke March and Take Back the Dyke.

Take Back the Dyke was organized in protest of Pride Toronto's decision to ban use of the term "Israeli apartheid" at Pride events.

Another successful Pride in Toronto
– July 4, 2010

The chief controversy this year, about the presence of Queers Against Israeli Aparthied (QuAIA) in the parade and Pride Toronto's initial effort to ban the group, did not go entirely unnoticed. The Kulanu (Jewish gay group) contingent and the QuAIA contingent were staged only about 75 metres apart on Bloor St. Each group was much larger than last year. There was some shouting and posturing back and forth and police stepped in briefly. They asked a small group of people wearing Jewish Defence League T-shirts to get back to their group. But in the end everything worked out fine. 

Why free expression means everything– July 1, 2010

Some have wondered why the kerfuffle over the near censorship of QuAIA from this year’s Pride parade seemed so important. It’s only a few shrill activists, said some. We can still have a great parade without them. Why should we let this one tiny special interest group be the reason for the destruction of our Pride celebration, the envy of the world? 

The answer is simple: because next year it could be another message, then another and another and another, until soon, it seems perfectly reasonable to suppress any view for any reason, no matter how trifling.

Katie Stelmanis, Pride Toronto & the politics of outsidership
– July 1, 2010

“I feel it’s pretty disgusting what Pride has done. They made a terrible decision in caving to pressure from rich people and corporations. Their decision doesn’t reflect the spirit of Pride. It’s a step back and I feel it’s really dangerous. But the backlash has been beautiful. The community is really coming together.”

You can't hide from social media
– July 1, 2010

Even though Pride Toronto’s (PT) censorship decision provoked an onslaught of outrage on Twitter and Facebook over the past three months, the organization’s strategy seemed to be to ignore the criticism and, in some cases, dismiss the work done online by queer activists.

Jewish groups and politicians react to Pride Toronto's cancellation of ban on "Israeli apartheid"
– June 25, 2010

A group of about 35 journalists, politicians and members of Toronto’s Jewish community gathered at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre this morning in reaction against Pride Toronto’s (PT) June 23 decision not to censor the term Israeli apartheid from this year’s Pride celebration.

How Pride Toronto was convinced to rescind the ban on the term "Israeli apartheid"
– June 24, 2010

Pride Toronto’s (PT) announcement, on June 23, that it would get out of the censorship business altogether is a great victory for Toronto’s gay and lesbian communities. But as myriad ad-hoc groups formed to organize protests against PT’s censorship of the term "Israeli apartheid" these past two weeks, the move seemed to come somewhat out of the blue.

Pride Toronto reverses ban on "Israeli apartheid"
– June 23, 2010

Pride Toronto has reversed its May board resolution banning the term "Israeli Apartheid" and will instead require all participants to sign and abide by the City of Toronto's non-discrimination policy. 

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid — the target of the ban — has declared a victory and congratulated the queer community for pushing Pride Toronto to reverse its censorship decision.

Queers frustrated by Pride Toronto plan subversions, competing events
– June 17, 2010

Go to Pride Toronto (PT) events and defy the ban — that is the message queer activists are sending partiers in the lead-up to Toronto’s gayest weekend.

That stands in contrast to early calls for a boycott; most now plan to use official events to denounce organizers and make statements about PT and censorship.

Where did Pride Toronto's revenue come from in 2009?
– June 17, 2010

As Xtra reported on Monday, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti's motion to defund Pride Toronto was withdrawn, and Toronto city council thereby dodged responsibility for the censorship issue.

How much money did the city contribute to Pride Toronto in 2009? Take a peek at this chart.

The unravelling of Pride Toronto: How a queer community organization became a censor
– June 17, 2010

Timeline of events leading up to ban on the words "Israeli apartheid."

Matt Mills on Pride Toronto censorship: How it came to this
– June 17, 2010

I was among a small group of gay and lesbian people who gathered at Toronto City Hall on June 14 to speak against the motion to deny funding to Pride Toronto if it didn’t effectively censor the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA). The motion was declared redundant and withdrawn before any of us had a chance to speak on it. Here is an excerpt of what I planned to say to the executive committee that day had I had the chance.

Queer message to Toronto city hall: back off
– June 15, 2010

As we reported yesterday, a small group of gay and lesbian activists gathered at city hall to depute a motion designed to pressure Pride Toronto into banning Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. Because it was withdrawn, there was no chance to speak to it. Xtra has obtained copies of the deputations, available as PDFs.

Pride Toronto volunteers: help out, get a vote, make change happen– June 15, 2010

Martin Kuplens-Ewart, who organizes security at the Parade, says that people who are angry should volunteer for the organization. That’s because people who have volunteered for more than eight hours will have a vote at Pride Toronto’s Annual General Meeting.

Toronto city council dodges responsibility for Pride censorship
– June 14, 2010

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti's motion to defund Pride Toronto was withdrawn at the city hall executive committee meeting this morning. Pride Toronto's decision to censor any "Israeli apartheid" messaging rendered the motion redundant.

Pride Toronto funding motion withdrawn, no chance to speak– June 14, 2010

Although, it was not unanticipated, the motion to defund Pride Toronto (PT) for violating the City of Toronto’s anti-discrimination policy was declared redundant earlier this morning and withdrawn from before the city’s executive committee.

Pride Toronto defunding motion at city hall tomorrow– June 13, 2010

Toronto city councillor Georgio Mammoliti’s motion to deny city funding to Pride Toronto (PT) if it doesn’t keep the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) out of this year’s Pride parade returns to executive committee at city hall on Monday.

What does it take to become a member of Pride Toronto?
– June 12, 2010

Some of those who gathered at the 519 Church Street Community Centre on June 7 wondered aloud about what’s involved in becoming members and directors of Pride Toronto.

InterPride clarifies, contradicts Pride Toronto
– June 11, 2010

The stewards of the World Pride franchise issued a press release late yesterday about the Pride Toronto censorship controversy. In it the international association of Pride organizers, Interpride, neither supports nor condemns Pride Toronto's choice to censor the term "Israeli apartheid" from this year's Toronto Pride parade. Interpride's stated aim in issuing the release is, rather, to clear up what it sees as a misperception.

The 519 condemns Pride Toronto's censorship– June 10, 2010

The 519 Community Centre added its voice to the chorus of queer leaders and organizations urging Pride Toronto to reverse its decision to censor the term "Israeli Apartheid" from the parade. It also chastises the City of Toronto for applying political pressure on Pride Toronto to have Queers Against Israeli Apartheid yanked from this year's Parade.

Pride Toronto performers weigh censorship controversy: To play or not to play?– June 10, 2010

Soon after Pride Toronto chose to censor the term "Israeli apartheid" the anarchic folk-rock band Tomboyfriend pulled out in protest. At the packed town hall meeting held at the 519 Church St Community Centre on June 7, lead singer/songwriter Ryan Kamstra expressed surprise that no other bands had yet done the same.

Speakers pull out of Pride Toronto human rights event
– June 10, 2010

All speakers at Pride Toronto's June 28 human rights event have pulled out, citing Pride's censorship of "Israeli apartheid."

Sandilands makes Pride Toronto's case to international Pride communities
– June 9, 2010

In an email obtained byXtra, Pride Toronto executive director Tracey Sandilands makes the case for censorship to the international community of Pride organizations. 

Former ED sends a wake-up call to Pride Toronto– June 9, 2010

Pride Toronto's former executive director Fatima Amarshi urges the organization's current leadership to "wake up" and reverse the ban on "Israeli apartheid."

Mark Tewksbury: Pride Toronto made 'a really bad decision'
– June 9, 2010

Canadian Olympic gold medalist and gay activist Mark Tewksbury has added his voice to a growing list of queers condemning censorship at Pride Toronto.

Also this week: organizers of the Toronto Bathhouse Raids and Pussy Palace panels withdrew their events from this year's Pride celebrations. 

One for Toronto's queer history books
– June 8, 2010

It was a huge day yesterday for Toronto’s gay and lesbian communities. Just after sunrise, this year’s international grand marshals withdrew from this year's pride celebration. Then more than 20 past- and present-honoured dykes, grand marshals and Pride-award recipients renounced their accolades, leaving statuettes on Pride Toronto’s (PT) doorstep.

Watch: Town hall on free speech at Toronto Pride
– June 7, 2010

It was standing-room only as hundreds packed the auditorium at The 519 for a community meeting on free speech at Toronto Pride. Watch our broadcast.

Pride Toronto in hiding after spirited denunciation from queer leaders
– June 7, 2010

Armed with an oversized cardboard shame award, a group of queers trying to give back their trophies ran into a problem on June 7: the offices of Pride Toronto (PT) were locked. 

As one, two and eventually three police cruisers showed up, it became increasingly clear than no one from PT was going to accept the giant shame certificate nor the statuettes from former grand marshals, honoured dykes and other honorees.

International grand marshals withdraw from Toronto Pride over censorship flap
– June 7, 2010

Gloria Careaga and Renato Sabbadini (pictured), who were appointed international grand marshals for Pride Toronto earlier this year, resigned the honours earlier this morning. 

Epstein, Gilbert and Khaki to return honours over Pride censorship
– June 6, 2010

Rachel Epstein, Sky Gilbert and El-Farouk Khaki are just three of the more than 20 past honoured dykes, grand marshals and award recipients who will return their honours to Pride Toronto tomorrow morning in protest of the organization's choice to censor the term "Israeli Aparthied" from this year's Pride parade.

Martin Gladstone on why Pride should act as censor
– June 5, 2010

I had the honour last week of sitting down and talking with Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel and Sir Salman Rushdie, both very strong, eloquent advocates for free speech. They shared how words and language can also be used to spread hate and intolerance, hence the horrors of the holocaust, or the horror of living under a fatwa. It was opportune as I reflected on the debate in our gay community regarding censorship.

Cole refuses Pride Toronto over censorship flap– June 5, 2010

Toronto mayoral candidate and gay community bon vivant Keith Cole is the latest in a growing number of artists and activists to withdraw from Pride Toronto’s Pride celebrations because of the organization’s choice to censor the term “Israeli apartheid” from this year’s Pride parade.

Massive queer braintrust to renounce Pride Toronto honours
– June 4, 2010

Queer leaders have been distancing themselves from Pride Toronto since it announced it would ban the term "Israeli Apartheid" from this year's parade. But the latest latest blow to Pride Toronto appears to be of a different scale: 18 former grand marshals, honored dykes and awards recipients will renounce their honors and give back their awards to Pride Toronto, according to a press release from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA.)

Klinck and Goodhandy step in as Pride grand marshals– June 3, 2010

Todd Klinck and Mandy Goodhandy, proprietors of Goodhandy’s nightclub, were the runners-up to Li in the Pride Toronto grand marshal vote earlier this year. They've accepted the roles of grand marshals this year.

Splitsville: Queers launch alternatives to official Pride Toronto events
– June 3, 2010

The seams are beginning to unravel as queers — angry about Pride Toronto's decision to ban the term "Israeli Apartheid" — begin to organize a parallel program of events.

Sasha Van Bon Bon, sex advice columnist and leader of burlesque group the Scandelles, and fellow activist Jess Dobkin are skipping the Dyke March on Saturday, July 3rd in favour of leading the Take Back the Dyke March. It's a protest against Pride Toronto and its decision to censor the messaging in the parade of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA).

Marci McDonald on Pride Toronto censorship
– June 3, 2010

Xtra recently spoke with author Marci McDonald, who chronicles the rise of Canada's religious right in her new book, The Armageddon Factor. We asked her about Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and the controversy surrounding censorship and Pride Toronto.

Will Pride Toronto have a grand marshal in 2010?
– June 3, 2010

Pride Toronto will announce Friday, June 4, what it intends to do about vacant honoree titles, according to the organization's executive director, Tracey Sandilands.

Let's get civilly disobedient– June 3, 2010

Freedom of expression is the very foundation of gay and lesbian movements. As a peaceful demonstration of civil disobedience, QuAIA members and supporters should march in the parade, authors of their own messages, regardless of what Pride Toronto organizers, or their masters, have to say about it.

Michelle Walker declines Pride Toronto community service award
– June 2, 2010

Michelle Walker, co-founder of the Vancouver Dyke March and creator of superdyke.com, has declined Pride Toronto's 2010 community service award, citing the organization's censorship of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.

PTP to Pride Toronto: Reverse "Israeli Apartheid" ban
– June 2, 2010

The board of Pink Triangle Press, Xtra's publisher, calls upon Pride Toronto to reverse its decision to ban the use of the phrase "Israeli Apartheid."

Jane Farrow rejects Pride Toronto honoured dyke title
– June 2, 2010

Hot on the heels of Alan Li rejecting his appointment as Pride Toronto grand marshal, Jane Farrow has turned down her honoured dyke title, citing censorship of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. 

Banning QuAIA sets 'dangerous precedent': Toronto Pride founders– May 29, 2010

Open Letter to the Toronto Pride Committee from founders of Pride in 1981: "As founding members of the Toronto Lesbian and Gay Pride Day Committee, and people involved in organizing the first Pride event in Toronto at the end of June in 1981, we stand totally opposed to the decision of the current Toronto Pride Committee to ban the use of 'Israeli Apartheid' at Toronto Pride events."

Alan Li rejects appointment as Pride Toronto grand marshal– May 28, 2010

Pride Toronto's choice for grand marshal of the 2010 Pride parade has refused his appointment, citing the organization's censorship of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA).

Who is Martin Gladstone?
– May 28, 2010

Gladstone, like B’nai Brith, created a threat where one never existed. There were never any problems between QuAIA and Kulanu, and we posed no threat to anybody in the parade. But because of Gladstone, the Jewish social group was terrified, and Pride was forced to waste money for extra police; and then these facts became talking points in his ongoing campaign with the city to cut funding.

Protesters demand Pride Toronto reverse censorship decision
– May 25, 2010

About 100 gay and lesbian people gathered at the Dundonald St offices of Pride Toronto (PT) on May 25 to protest the organization’s decision to censor the term “Israeli apartheid” from this year’s Pride celebration.

Council motion still looms as Pride Toronto dilemma comes to a head
– May 14, 2010

A motion to de-fund Pride will likely return to city council June 14, setting the stage for a bitter battle.

Pride Toronto plans to censor the term 'Queers Against Israeli Apartheid'
– May 13, 2010

Pride Toronto has no intention of letting anyone march in the parade under a banner “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid.” That, at least, is what the festival’s organizers have been telling city officials, according to documents released by the city.

Pride Toronto and QuAIA ignore Mammoliti ultimatum– April 29, 2010

It’s Zero Hour for Pride Toronto — at least according to Toronto city councillor and mayoral candidate Giorgio Mammoliti, who tried to reignite the debate over the parade’s inclusion of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) by issuing the Palestinian rights protest group an ultimatum that both QuAIA and Pride have now ignored.

OMG, Pride Toronto, please don't take the bait
– April 27, 2010

In the department of ridiculous, headline-grabbing ultimatums, city councillor and mayoral candidate Giorgio Mammoliti has given Queers Against Israeli Apartheid 24 hours to withdraw from the Pride Toronto parade or else he'll introduce a motion over at city hall to yank Pride's municipal funding. The ultimatum, launched in the Toronto Sun via columnist Sue-Ann Levy, is supported by fellow councillor and mayoral candidate Rob Ford and opposed by Joe Pantalone.

Pride Toronto should embrace free expression, even if it means less cash
– April 21, 2010

QuAIA members should march in the parade with whatever signage they see fit. Pride Toronto should make clear to its funders that it is grateful for all their financial support but that free expression — whether it be political messaging, nudity or same-sex sexual expression — is a beautiful part of gay culture that simply ought to be embraced.

Pride Toronto funding issue hits national TV
– April 21, 2010

CBC's Power & Politics covered the Pride Toronto funding issue last night. Watch below as Elle Flanders of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid faces off against Toronto lawyer Martin Gladstone.

City will 'likely' fund Pride Toronto in 2010; future cash in jeopardy
– April 19, 2010

Buried in the last line of the Toronto Star's take on the Pride Toronto-City of Toronto stalemate: "Pride will likely" receive the same amount of city funding in 2010 as it did in 2009. That strikes me as strange, considering that the headline is "City may cut Pride funding over 'Israeli apartheid' marchers." The city cash hasn't been doled out yet, so bureaucrats can't guarentee if a group will be funded, but this is the most positive language yet to come out of city hall on the issue.

Public pressure from Pride sponsorship nothing new: TD Bank
– April 13, 2010

“We’re not exactly neophytes when it comes to controversy around our sponsorship of Pride,” says Scott Mullin, vice president of government and community relations at TD Bank Financial Group. “Our support for Pride has been unequivocal since we started as a sponsor five years ago,” he explains, despite taking “a fair bit of grief.”

National Post: Pride Toronto censorship policy was 'sensible'
– April 8, 2010

Newsflash: rightwing newspaper calls on the City of Toronto to withdraw its support for Pride Toronto. For a paper that isn't sympathetic to either gays or Torontonians, it seems a little strange that they're sticking their noses in here. But I gather its editorial board was briefly excited about Pride Toronto's now-retracted sign-vetting policy. It was "sensible," they write.

Is Pride Toronto's city funding on the chopping block?
– March 31, 2010

A meeting was called at City Hall on March 30 to discuss Pride Toronto, according to Stuart Green, the mayor's deputy director of communications.

Councillor Kyle Rae pressured Pride Toronto to oust QuAIA 
– March 30, 2010 

City councillor Kyle Rae pressured Pride Toronto (PT) to prevent Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) from marching in the 2010 parade, according to documents obtained byXtra. In a letter from Rae to Pride Toronto dated Feb 9, Rae called QuAIA "out of keeping with the spirit and values of Pride Toronto."

How a queer protest forced Pride Toronto to withdraw its censorship policy
– March 24, 2010

Pride Toronto has rescinded its sign-vetting policy, ending a difficult two weeks for the organization.

Pride Toronto withdraws controversial signage policy
– March 23, 2010

Pride Toronto issued the following "open letter to the community" today:

"The Board of Directors of Pride Toronto has listened to feedback from the community, and the proposed plan for an Ethics Committee to review and approve all messaging prior to the Parade, Dyke and Trans March has been withdrawn. The process followed during the 2009 festival will remain in place for 2010."

Were Pride Toronto's focus groups stacked?
– March 19, 2010

Focus groups conducted by conservative PR firm Navigator discussed censoring parade participants less than two months before Pride Toronto's botched signage announcement.

Jewish group pushes Pride Toronto to condemn "anti-Israel hate groups"
– March 19, 2010

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) insists that QuAIA’s participation in the Pride parade amounts to “the incitement to hatred against Jews” and they, along with other Jewish groups, implored Pride Toronto to ban all such messaging.

Activists to Toronto Pride sponsors: Support free expression– March 18, 2010

Rick Telfer, the activist who started the Don't Sanitize Pride Facebook group, has created another online tool to oppose Pride Toronto's new terms and conditions for parade participants.

FREE free expression guidelines for Pride Toronto
– March 17, 2010

I'm inclined to think that, after this embarrassing gaffe, Pride Toronto should adopt a positive, embracing statement about free expression. We need to see that Pride Toronto really gets it — that it understands why censorship is anathema to our community. To that end, I've whipped up a draft of what I'd like to see as Pride Toronto's free expression policy. What do you think?

Artists to Pride Toronto: Freedom of expression should be offensive
– March 16, 2010

With Pride Toronto's announcement that it will craft a "freedom of expression policy" as a guide to acceptable messages at the parade, executive director Tracy Sandilands insists, "Let's bring it out and see what people think about it."

Pride Toronto developing free expression policy
– March 16, 2010

As the Don't sanitize Pride Facebook group grows beyond 1,100 members,Xtra caught up with Pride Toronto executive director Tracey Sandilands this morning.

All signs must be vetted with us first: Pride Toronto
– March 11, 2010

All groups participating in this year's Pride Parade and Dyke March must have their signs approved by Pride Toronto, the organization announced yesterday.