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Pride Toronto developing “free expression policy”

Sandilands goes on record in face of controversy

Pride Toronto executive director Tracey Sandilands Credit: Jenna Wakani photo

As the Don’t sanitize Pride Facebook group grows beyond 1,100 members, I caught up with Pride Toronto executive director Tracey Sandilands this morning.

I wanted to ask her about some anonymous emails Xtra received overnight (we’ve posted them below). We wanted to get Pride on the record about its tendering process and the relationship between Dragos Productions and former Pride co-chair Mark Singh. I also wanted to talk about whether Pride Toronto would try to limit QuAIA’s participation in the 2010 parade and celebrations.

Among the things I learned: Pride Toronto is developing a “freedom of expression policy.”

Click on the control below to hear an edited version of the more than 30-minute conversation I had with Sandilands this morning.

More to follow soon.

Read the emails here: