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Pride Toronto instructs coordinators not to speculate on social media

NOTE: This is a developing story. We’re collecting reactions to the announcement here.

Official release by the Pride Toronto board of directors:

Pride Toronto Announces Resignation of its Executive Director

(Toronto, Ontario, January 26, 2011)
The Board of Directors of Pride Toronto announces that Tracey Sandilands, Executive Director since October 2008, has resigned from her position effective Friday January 28, 2011 to pursue other opportunities.  Pride Toronto wishes to thank Ms. Sandilands for her dedication over the past two years, and to wish her every success in her future endeavours. 
The Board will take over supervision of day-to-day activities of the staff and volunteers until a recruitment plan is developed. Planning for the 2011 Pride Festival is well underway and will continue without interruption.
Over the next few months Pride Toronto will be reviewing its structure to ensure that it is properly positioned to meet its members’ needs.

Following this announcement, the board sent Pride coordinators this message directing them not to speculate on the reasons for Sandilands’ departure on Twitter or Facebook.

Hi everyone

Please see the attached statement that has just been sent to the members and the media.

1. Our agreement with Tracey does not allow us to discuss the details of her resignation.

2. We wish Tracey the best in her future and thank her for the great contribution she has made over the past two years.

3. This was Tracey’s personal decision and we ask that her privacy be respected.

4. Please do not comment publically or speculate on Tracey’s reasons for resigning, even on social media.

5. Francisco and Margaret are the spokespersons for Pride on this issue. Please refer enquiries to us.

6. The Board will step in to supervise day to day operations until a recruitment plan is developed.

7. Pride Toronto has a realistic plan to deal with last year’s deficit. The 2011 festival will proceed as planned.

Thanks to you all for your continued hard work and commitment to Pride! This is a sad time but we will move forward together.

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