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Pride Toronto kick-starts Pride Month

And what better way to begin than with a double flag raising

Toronto Mayor John Tory addressed the crowd on May 31, 2016, gathered to witness the flag raisings at city hall.  Credit: Arshy Mann/Daily Xtra

On May 31, 2016, over a hundred people gathered for the kick-off event for Pride Month: the flag raisings at city hall.  

A tradition at Pride Toronto flag raisings is Mr V, who brings his kindergarten class to see the flag raising. He’s the fabulous kiwi on the right.

And here are his kids!

The TTC has gotten in on the Pride action too, with a very punny use of the Pride slogan. Well played, TTC.  

Mayor John Tory had some remarks to make to the crowd gathered: “One of the groups that will be particularly profiled in this year’s parade is a group I’ve had some difference with in the past, and that’s Black Lives Matter. But we’ll all be together in the Pride Parade this year, them and me and all of us on council and all of you, and that’s to celebrate, yes how far we’ve come on many of these rights-related issues, but to remind ourselves as well how much remains to be done. On LGBTQ2S issues or those involving racialized communities and others that we know of.”

Pride Toronto executive director Mathieu Chantelois also addressed the crowd, and stressed the inclusivity Pride Toronto is striving for with this year’s celebrations. 

The flag raising was a day early to accomodate Tory’s schedule, as he is set to be in Winnipeg tomorrow. Chantelois offered Tory a pink tie to wear, to demonstrate that he stands with Toronto’s LGBT community. 

Also, it’s a great looking tie. 

The rainbow flag is ready to be raised . . . 

. . . while the trans flag is raised on Queen Street. 

And there it goes!

And so begins a month-long celebration of the LGBT community. See you out there!

(Photos: Arshy Mann/Daily Xtra)

(Editor’s Note, June 2, 2016: A previous version of this story incorrectly quoted John Tory referring to radicalized communities. In fact, he referred to racialized communities. We sincerely regret the error.)

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