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Pride Toronto releases economic impact study results

$136 million spent during 2009 Pride celebration: report

Pride Toronto has released the results of an economic impact study that suggests the annual Pride celebration generates millions of dollars in spending in Toronto each year.

According to the report by Enigma Research, and released on Nov 16, $136 million was spent during the 2009 Pride celebration. $94 million of that came from visiting tourists.

According to the report, about 411,000 people attended Pride this year. 303,000 of them live in the Toronto area.

The results were distilled from 1,200 respondents surveyed during Pride week.

“These economic benefits are exceptional,” said Enigma’s Michael Harker in a Pride Toronto press release. “The estimates are considerably higher than we have seen at many similar sized festivals and sporting events throughout North America.”

“Planning for 2010 is already well underway and we are hearing great ideas to improve a number of elements of Pride Week, particularly the market place,” Pride Toronto executive director Tracey Sandilands said in the same release. “Current plans include expanding of the festival site to include Queen’s Park, adding two new stages and beverage gardens, revamping the market place and the affiliate events program and holding year-round Pride events beginning in the fall.”

The complete survey summary is available at