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Pride Toronto wants you to choose the theme for 2012

Deadline extended to Dec 31

Credit: Andrea Houston

The deadline has been extended to submit a possible theme for Pride Week 2012.

The community now has until Dec 31 to send its suggestions to Pride Toronto (PT).

PT’s arts and culture manager, TK, says the submissions are rolling in, and he wants to keep the momentum going a bit longer.

“It’s been really great so far,” he says. “We’ve had a lot of good submissions come in.”

In past years, community-chosen themes have included Dream Big (2011), 30th Anniversary (2010), Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (2009), Unified! (2008), Unstoppable! (2007) and Fearless (2006).

TK hints at some of the ideas he’s seen so far. “They have all been really positive . . . Certainly, people are making reference to WorldPride in 2014. It’s a common thread. Everyone is very excited about WorldPride. It’s just a couple years away.”

“We ask that people write a short blurb about what their inspiration for the theme is,” he adds. “And keep in mind, people can submit more than one idea.”

Send theme ideas to with the subject line “Pride 2012 Theme.”

PT will select the winning theme from a short list of submissions. The chosen theme will be announced in January.