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prideHealth wants you!

Yes, they do.

prideHealth is holding a round table discussion this Thursday, Feb 2 at Veith House. The event starts at 7pm and runs until 9. According to Cybelle Rieber, prideHealth coordinator, the event is a way to learn how to better serve the rainbow community. “prideHealth is a program that is designed to increase access to healthcare, the broad spectrum of healthcare, to the GLBTIQ communities here in Halifax,” she said in an email to Xtra. “The program exists because of a recognition that the GLBTIQ populations are underserved in healthcare and Capital Health and the IWK want to change that. prideHealth cannot do this alone, and this program needs the input and the ideas from the community.” Many people in the queer community face obstacles when accessing healthcare, so this is a way for individuals to talk about their own needs and wants within the healthcare system.

Currently, prideHealth has outreach programs in effect at various sites within the HRM, including an open clinic held every two weeks at Menz Bar. For more information, check out prideHealth’s website, or email them.

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