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Prince charming, transface and Australian insurrection

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Finding Prince Charming hit by sex worker scandal

The star of Logo TV’s new gay Bachelor-style show Finding Prince Charming once worked as a sex-worker, a fact the producers say they didn’t know until after filming. The story has split the gay community, some arguing Robert Sepulveda misrepresents gay men, while others say he shouldn’t be slut-shamed.

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Mark Ruffalo criticized for casting cis man in Anything

After director Mark Ruffalo cast cisgender man Matt Bomer as a trans woman in his new film Anything, trans people across the internet have criticized the trend of “transface.” An especially damning series of tweets came from director Jen Richards, who argues casting cisgender people as trans people leads to more anti-trans violence.

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Australian opposition to introduce marriage bills

All three left-wing Australian oppositions say they will introduce marriage equality bills, in attempt to goad embattled Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull into action. Turnbull took power based on a promise to avoid a parliamentary vote on marriage equality, and to use a lengthy and expensive plebiscite instead.

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Uganda arrests eight year old for homosexuality

According to one report, an eight-year-old girl in Uganda has been arrested for homosexuality. A neighbour says she saw the girl luring her friends into sex acts. Female homosexuality has only been criminal in Uganda since 2000.

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Madrid gay group sues conversion therapist

A Spanish LGBT group has filed a complaint against a Madrid psychotherapist who claims to be able to cure homosexuality. The suit is made possible by new anti-homophobia bylaws passed this month.

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