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Prince William, internalised homophobia and hacking ISIS

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Hacker floods ISIS Twitter with gay porn

A hacker associated with the hacktivist community Anonymous has broken into several Twitter accounts associated with ISIS and replaced their tweets with rainbow flags and links to gay porn. In an anonymous interview, the hacker said they “did it for the lives lost in Orlando.”

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Man bringing weapons to LA Pride charged

A man who was caught driving to the LA Pride festival with a car full of guns, ammunition and explosives has been charged for illegally transporting the weapons. Police say they aren’t sure what the man’s intentions were, but have ruled out any connection to the Orlando club shootings.

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Making sense of Orlando

In the aftermath of the deadly shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub, blame has ranged from guns to homophobia to Islamic terror to masculinity. The New York Times editorial board lays the blame squarely at the feet of American anti-gay political discourse, while the Associated Press wonders if internalized homophobia was key to the shooter’s motives.

Chinese man sues for conversion therapy

A Chinese man is suing a mental hospital for drugging and beating him in an attempt to change his sexual orientation. He was taken to the hospital by force by his wife and family members after they discovered he is gay.

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Prince William appears on gay magazine

The latest issue of the British gay magazine Attitude features Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, on its cover, a first for the royal family. In an interview, William speaks out against the bullying of LGBT people.

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