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Prince’s Purple Rain screening on Saturday is going to be crazy

And more choice events in the city April 21–27, 2016

Prince’s Purple Rain will screen Saturday, April 23, 2016 at Toronto’s Bloor Cinema. Credit: Peter Tea/Thinkstock

Thursday, April 21

The Toronto Gaymers’ Movie Night: Super Mario Bros

The gay game enthusiasts hold a screening and, perhaps predictably, the movie is video game themed. Starring that raspy, rotund dreamboat Bob Hoskins, the 1993 Super Mario Bros is loosely based on the popular Nintendo game that everyone older than a fruit fly will have played at some point. For more information, contact

7pm. Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St E.

Canadian Soul: Elevators to Here

Artist Evan Kelemen’s work is so Canadian it would put The Tragically Hip, Stompin’ Tom Connors and poutine to shame (if poutine feels shame — which it probably should). This solo exhibition is an homage to the grain elevators of southern Alberta. Its 17 pieces are in mixed media and some consist of pieces of old hardware and wood panels salvaged from the bases of the elevators.

7pm. MOA, 652 Spadina Ave.

Friday, April 22

Book Launch: Carnal Anomaly

Sex and blood — if either of these things make you squeamish, you probably shouldn’t attend this book launch. Daily Xtra photographer N Maxwell Lander’s photography book Carnal Anomaly was two years in the making. A 9 x 12 inch hardcover book with 96 pages, it includes sexy, raunchy, violent and confusing images best described by the artist. The launch promises to be just as confusing and provocative.

8pm. Bento Miso, 863 Richmond St W. For more info, visit Facebook.

Saturday, April 23

Purple Rain

A screening of the movie that was Prince’s film debut, Purple Rain. Styled to give him the opportunity to show off his particular talents (acting not being among them), it includes many long concert scenes. It’s the kind of movie you only really need to see once — if that. But this 1980s cult classic won the Academy Award for Best Original Score, so that’s something.

10pm. Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St W.

Monday, April 25

Perfect Gays: May Day

Johnnie Walker and Kholby Wardell have signed up to provide the on-board entertainment (and be on the janitorial staff) on May Day Festival Cruiseline’s new Alaskan Pagan Cruise. Will it be smooth sailing, or will they rock the boat? This new two-man show includes navigating the high seas, something or other relating to Joan Cusack, 1990s witches and, according to billing, “mild choreography.”

Runs until Wednesday, April 27, 8pm. Videofag, 187 Augusta Ave. For more info, visit Facebook.

Wednesday, April 27

Fetish Night

And then we have the whips and chains — what week would be complete without them? Men, boys, pups, latex freaks, leather lovers and so on, socialize, fuck and take in a few demos at a fetish-themed social in a bathhouse. Its hosted by the Central Canada Drummer’s newly-minted Drummer Winston and Drummerboy David. Fetish gear is encouraged.

8pm. Spa Excess, 105 Carlton St.

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