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Princess boys and superhero girls: Halloween homophobia in the change room

ABC News went undercover to catch the reactions of shoppers when a little boy wants to wear a “girl’s” Halloween costume and a girl wants to wear a “boy’s” costume, to the dismay of their mother.

I don’t think I’ve yelled, “Why?! You stupid cunt!” at my computer screen so much since the last time this blog froze as soon as I clicked “save post” . . .

It just doesn’t make sense to me that literally as soon as we’re born there are certain things that are for males and certain things that are for females. From colours to costumes. Why would anyone want to limit themselves? It takes the fun and freedom out of life.

It’s also dangerous. Take school shootings as an example. When you put someone in a cage, you shouldn’t be surprised when they start acting like an animal.