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Prison spending goes ahead

The government is moving ahead with the first stages of increasing capacity in federal prisons, given the influx of new inmates it's expecting. I’m less impressed, however, with the way in which the Postmedia article on the topic simply brushed off the issue of double-bunking, citing Vic Toews' assertions that it’s legal and “no big deal,” when it is a very big deal that goes against our international obligations, and even our own correctional guidelines.

International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda now says that no, she’s not considering giving money to Planned Parenthood international (despite their assertions that they were in talks), because any hints that they might be funding abortions – even indirectly – pissed off their pro-life base. Not that this was exactly unexpected. How long before Oda gets shuffled out of her role? Or does she need to pose with drag queens before that happens?

What’s that? Scrapping the long-form census will endanger public health? Not unexpected, and one more tick in the column about how stupid of an idea scrapping it is. It’s also apparently too late to save the mandatory long-form, given the logistics of redistributing it in its previous form, or something to that effect.

In the wake of the Tamil refugee claimants that landed in Canada, the government is talking about a new human-trafficking bill. But don’t they already have one by one of their backbenchers going through the system? Like, as far as the senate by now? Or is this something completely different that they’re trying to use to continue to milk the moral panic around those Tamil refugee claimants?

The prime minister’s chief of staff, Guy Giorno, will be stepping down by the end of the year. That may change the political landscape somewhat, but remember that Harper is still the smartest guy in the room.

Liberal MP Maurizio Bevilacqua has now officially resigned his seat and has joined the race for mayor of Vaughan. This will mean a shuffling of the Liberal shadow cabinet to fill the post of immigration critic.

The Winnipeg Free Press takes a closer look at Zsuzsanna Zsohar, wife of Michael Ignatieff, and finds her to be a pretty fascinating person in her own right.

Our incoming governor general, David Johnston met with the Queen this weekend in preparation for his duties as vice-regal.

It looks like there’s a shuffle coming in the RCMP brass now that the “review” of what has been going on vis-à-vis the commissioner is completed – but won’t be made public. It looks like Bill Elliot and his temper are due to remain there, despite the problems that were reported, so it will be those that complained who are shuffled out, no doubt.

Paul Wells risks attempting to apply logic to Harper’s latest coalition obsession – doubtless an exercise in frustration.

And Human Resources Minister Diane Finley used her executive powers to tinker with the legislation to get an extra $2 billion in student loans disbursed for the fall. Of course, it’s a temporary fix for a much larger issue, but at least she used her powers for good and not evil for a change.
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