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Prisoners of the Sun

Beloved by millions of fans since 1929, Tintin the boy reporter is looking good for 80 but gay journalist Matthew Parris chalks it up to moisturizer. Tintin, he says, is gay gay gay and Parris' column has raised a stink in Europe. The author points out that our eternally youthful hero has never had a love interest but while I don't think there's enough evidence to claim Tintin as one of our own just yet, he is at least sailor-curious!

More fun with single-name celebrities: watch Oprah try to wrap her brain around the perfectly lovely sentiment that "being gay is a gift from God."

Accepting her Best Talk Show Host People's Choice Award last night, Ellen Degeneres referenced the California Prop 8 gay marriage ban by thanking her "roommate" Portia DeRossi (zing!) but if you're still holding some racist grudge against black support for the marriage ban, knock it off: a new report shows that religion, not race, was the deciding factor against us.

Those holding a grudge against Barack Obama for choosing anti-gay-marriage evangelist Rick Warren to bless his inauguration have repeatedly been told that Warren couldn't be a homophobe because he's worked on relief efforts for AIDS in Africa. Since AIDS predominantly affects heterosexuals in Africa, this line makes no sense but now journalist Max Blumenthal reveals it's even worse than that. Warren is a first-class creep and Obama doesn't get it.

As the economy falters, the US government has bailed out Wall Street and the auto industry, so why not porn Think about the hand-outs!  Liquid assets!  A stimulus package!  The surging — oh all right, I'm done.

By the way, I'd be happy to discuss what our Canadian government is up to but, oh yeah — we don't have one!

Let's go back to celebrities!  Many of you loved those pics of Daniel Craig swimming in St. Barts and wanted more, so here's some shots of Steve Martin and Martin Short swimming in St. Barts.  What's that?  You wanted more Daniel Craig?  Oops.

Well, who knows…he may yet turn. This episode of "Bitter Lawyer" makes it look easy!