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Private photos of the rich and famous

Mix NYC fundraiser auctions off celebrity-filled cameras

Actor Rider Strong took this photo behind the scenes on the set of Girl Meets World. Credit: -

Listen up, creepers: have you ever wondered what James Franco is up to on a Tuesday night? Daydream about what Amy Sedaris eats for breakfast? Catch yourself trying to sleuth whether Le1f is a boxers or briefs kind of man?

Well, you’re in luck. Mix NYC is back with its Naked Eye Celebrity Camera Auction, which launched this May and runs until May 22. Celebrities (and notable crush-object Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are given disposable cameras and asked to document their lives. The undeveloped cameras are then auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Most will be a random draw of content — who knows if James Franco’s camera will have more sweaty, half-naked pics — but some, like Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s, will have exclusive behind-the-scenes looks of otherwise closed sets.

The kickoff party for the auction happens May 15, hosted by RuPaul darling Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, at New York’s The Slipper Ballroom.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Mix NYC’s website for more details, and, please: win Lady Bunny’s camera in order to learn her secrets.