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I’m not going to lie: it’s borderline amusing watching bigots absolutely shit themselves over the fact that Chaz Bono is going to be on Dancing with the Stars and that they’re going to have to acknowledge that (gasp!) trans folk exist. Mind you, the amusement derived from watching dipshits throw a whiny little bitchfit over the fact that someone is different from them is on par with watching chimpanzees throw their shit at each other and drink their own pee, but still, ya gotta get your kicks somewhere.

Anyhoo, the latest poo-chucking monkey to suck the urine out of his own cock for everyone to see? Dr Keith Ablow at Fox News (surprised? Of course not), who seems to think that seeing a trans man on TV will make kids get sex changes. Sort of like how letting your kids watch Phineas and Ferb will make them hang around with platypuses and build giant robots.

Here’s the thing: the queer community doesn’t stop existing just because you don’t believe in it. This isn’t like religion, where the argument of its existence has no definite answer and therefore has an equal chance of either existing or not existing. Chaz Bono will dance, and kids who are born with a gender at odds with their sex will experiment with their outer appearances in order to make them sympatico, whether or not you continue to hide in your fortress of biblical crazy.

Whether you let your kids watch DWTS is your prerogrative. But don’t try to delegate an entire group of people to the shadows because you can’t be a mature enough adult to talk to your kids and explain to them that yeah, not everyone is exactly like them. I mean yes, I’m very, very sorry that you’re a complete failure as a parent, but that’s your problem, not mine. 

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