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Procession of blah

The parade was much more colourful this year. Yay! But why, oh why, would any company pay thousands of dollars to go into the parade, but not swing down to the Dollarama for, oh, $15 worth of decorations? We spotlight the most egregious cases of artistic neglect in the hopes of preventing future violations.

JACK FM. An undecorated SUV and an un-decorated van. Why not retire the second vehicle and spend the $30 in saved gas on streamers?

Z103.5. Green and yellow Mardi Gras beads were the only accessory. What is it about commercial radio? You’re a hit-music station whose entry has… no… music.

BRAHMA. People paid $7 (ouch!) for it in the beer gardens, but not a dollar spent on decorations.

KEIHL’S. Product giveaways do not compensate for a marching contingent carrying corporate flags. Would rainbow face paint clog their pores?

STAG SHOP. A rainbow-postered panel truck from a business that sells sex toys and porn? Why not bring in a dildo model?