Promotional Content Policy

At Xtra Magazine we strive to provide LGBTQ communities with the best possible content — content that educates and entertains our readers. But publishing costs money, and in order to continue providing the news you want free, we need to work with advertisers to fund our efforts.

In today’s publishing landscape, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve so that we can continue to finance the high-quality journalism you expect from us. That means expanding our advertising portfolio and offering our storytelling skills to the production of promotional articles.

Content labelled “Promotion” has been paid for by clients.

These types of articles are advertisements; we don’t want to hide that fact — that’s why we visually differentiate sponsored content from our editorial content. But, we hope that the content we produce is informative, educational or, at the least, entertaining. We want to produce advertising that serves a greater purpose than just selling a product; if we have to advertise to you, we want it to be as informative, enjoyable and seamless as possible.

At Xtra, the integrity of our newsroom, free from outside influence, is paramount. We want to assure you that throughout the process of creating promotional content we maintain strict editorial independence. We work to maintain a distance between those that create our promotional content, and those that create our news content.  While we do work with our advertisers to ensure the content we produce for them is up to their standards while meeting ours, we maintain full control of our editorial process.

And we will always work to fulfill the tenets of our mission statement to the best of our abilities:

“Working to achieve our end, we use the published word.

We earn in commerce the money that we need,

mindful that money is not an end, but merely means.”

— from Daring Together, Pink Triangle Press’s mission statement

If you are an advertiser and would like to learn more about advertising with Xtra, please contact us here.