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Prop 8 inches closer to the grave

The weird thing about a piece of legislature like Prop 8 is that in a sane rational world, we wouldn’t need people to create massive campaigns and rallies in order to tell everyone that these laws are batshit insane. Despite the religious fervour that is usually used to push shit like this, every homo- and transphobic bill out there is based entirely on the basic idea that “Ewww, they do stuff with their genitals that isn’t like the stuff WE do with our genitals! Which is nothing!"

So it’s nice to see that Proposition 8 was finally declared unconstitutional by the state of California, which admittedly took a tad longer than it took the hundreds of thousands of people who pointed out that this shit was kind of an affront to basic human rights over three years ago.

Here’s the thing: as far forward as we’ve come, and as advanced as we like to think we are, people still feel that what they think is right is more important than what has already been proven right. It’s already been proven that same-sex relationships are as healthy and stable as opposite-sex ones, that trans people aren’t freaks just because they want to change their outer appearance to reflect their inner appearance, and that the invisible bearded sky giant probably won’t destroy the world because the Mayans ran out of room when creating their calendar.

But none of that matters because a lot of people think that’s all wrong. It doesn’t matter if something has been scientifically proven unless people are willing to believe it’s true. Which is kind of the problem with working toward queer rights: the only thing keeping us from our rights is a bunch of stupid people who are too stupid to understand they’re wrong. Which totally doesn’t get annoying at all

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