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Propaganda, blood and a bisexual snub

Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world

Denmark narrows gay blood ban

Under new blood donation rules, Denmark will allow gay and bisexual men to give blood as long as they either have not had sex with a man for four months, or are in a relationship with one person. [CPH Post]

Russian minor appeals propaganda fine

The first underage person in Russia to be fined under the country’s notorious “promoting non-traditional sexual relationship among minors” law has appealed the ruling. [Reuters]

Turkey’s growing anti-trans backlash

Growing nationalist sentiment and anxiety about European encroachment are building a backlash against LGBT, and especially trans, people in Turkey — as highlighted by a recent murder. [The Guardian]

New Australian PM has troubling history on LGBT issues

After last year’s national vote in favour of same-sex marriage, Australia’s new Evangelical prime minister could drag the country backwards. [Pink News]

US LGBT rights group snubs bisexual candidate

Cynthia Nixon is the first openly LGBT candidate for governor of New York. So why is the country’s largest LGBT rights group supporting the other guy? [BuzzFeed]