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Diver Tom Daley to marry screenwriter Dustin Lance Black

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has announced his engagement to award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black in a subtle advertisement in The Times newspaper. Daley and Black have been dating for two years.

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Gay marriage proposal takes Chinese blogosphere

A gay man’s proposal to his boyfriend on a Beijing subway is travelling rapidly around the Chinese internet. Some onlookers shouted out disgust and disaproval, but many online were supportive, lauding the man’s courage. The two won’t be able to get married legally; Chinese marriage law does not recognize same-sex couples.

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Polish president vetoes trans rights law

A law that would have moved forward rights for trans people in Poland was vetoed by President Andrzej Duda, even after it succsfully passed through Polish Parliament. Transgender Europe is encouraging parliament to reject Duda’s veto, which would require a three fifths majority. 

Azealia Banks digs a deep hole

Musician Azealia Banks followed up calling an airline employee a “fucking faggot” by launching into a Twitter tirade accusing the gay community of being the “gay white KKK” and “weak” for taking offense. As a bisexual, she then said, she is clearly not homophobic.

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Mugabe tells UN to stop pushing gay rights

As word leaders gathered at the United Nations to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe called for a rejection of “new rights” such as gay rights. “We are not gays,” he announced. Meanwhile, a collection of United Nations entities called on states to fight violence against LGBT people.