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Protest against G20 police brutality and in solidarity with the Toronto 900

Ottawa protest kicks off solidarity rallies

The police brutality at the G20 meeting has spurned a new round of protests. Solidarity rallies have been arranged in various cities around Canada in support of the 900 protesters arrested over the weekend.
In Ottawa, the first rally kicked off outside the Ottawa Police Headquarters on Elgin Street.
The protest drew about 100 people who turned up outside the police headquarters with posters, music, megaphones and an attitude of defiance. Various speakers stood up to tell their stories of police violence and their experiences at the G20 protests.
Police stood by in silence while protesters chanted and voiced their disgust at the police actions at the G20 meeting. They demanded that the police justify their actions and that justice should be served.
 Citywide protests have been organized in Ottawa, Hamilton, Windsor, London, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver – the next protest in Ottawa has been planned for Sunday, 4 July outside the Ottawa Police Headquarters.