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A photo-a-day of the Village until WorldPride

You’ll probably see some familiar faces in photographer Vince Ha’s latest project, shooting a photo-a-day of the Village until WorldPride.

Last week Ha started posting his wonderful black-and-white images to Facebook, and I started following them when I caught a glimpse of his picture of everyone’s favourite Glad Day employee — and Xtra contributor — Scott Dagostino:

What I adore about this project is that it presents Toronto’s LGBT community the way I love to see it: as small individual moments with incredible people.

Ha explained on his Facebook page that he snaps some pictures whenever he’s able to grab a 10-minute walk through the Village.

Someone commented on the album that they’re looking forward to a few months more of pictures-a-day: “lol, oh lord, don’t remind me,” Ha replied. Here’s hoping he’s able to keep these beautiful images coming!

Ha also told me he’s collaborating with community members to “lend an Asian perspective to the LGBT community” through Rice Roll Production. While some of the short films are off their YouTube page because of a submission to the InsideOut Film Festival, there is plenty of work to check out from this essential and incredibly talented part of Toronto’s community.