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PTS fails to reach quorum at annual general meeting

Low membership turnout not representative of PTS's importance, ED says

PTS will make another attempt to hold an AGM on Oct 1. Credit: Bradley Turcotte

PTS, formerly known as Pink Triangle Services, failed to reach quorum at its annual general meeting Sept 17, the organization’s third attempt at an AGM in less than one year.

After a contentious attempt to hold an AGM on Sept 25, 2012, the organization successfully staged one on Nov 29, 2012.

Executive director Claudia Van den Heuvel says PTS has grappled with low membership turnout at AGMs since 2005.

“We’re not entirely certain what the reason is for not reaching quorum on a regular basis, but we’re hoping with another promotion in the next day or two, we’ll see our quorum at the next meeting,” she says.

Failure to reach quorum is not reflective of the organization’s importance within Ottawa’s queer community, Van den Heuvel maintains.

Accountant Ray Folkins, who is PTS’s auditor, says he works exclusively with not-for-profit organizations and charities and confirms the challenge of reaching quorum is not unique to PTS.

“The quorum is set quite high,” Folkins says. “Twenty-five members of 100 members. It doesn’t sound too high, but it is in terms of getting people out.”

Capital Pride (CP) volunteer coordinator Tara Shaw attended PTS’s attempted AGM and has used the organization’s resources in the past. PTS is an exemplary partner for CP events, Shaw says.  

Shaw calls the failure to reach quorum “unfortunate.”

Several bylaw amendments were scheduled for a vote at the AGM, and Van den Heuvel says the revisions are largely influenced by changes to the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act. PTS consulted a lawyer to draft the bylaw changes, which will now go up for a vote on Oct 1, when PTS makes another attempt to hold an AGM.

PTS offers many resources to Ottawa’s queer community, including the Dr Kelly McGinnis Library and social support groups such as Pink Triangle Youth, BiAmore and Polybilities. It is located at 331 Cooper St.