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PTS launches membership drive

Acting president says failure to reach quorum 'not a unique event'

In response to Pink Triangle Press’s failure to attain quorum at its last AGM, held Sept 25, the organization is launching a comprehensive membership drive to ensure it reaches quorum at the next AGM, scheduled for Nov 29.
A Facebook post dated Sept 29 says various suggestions, such as membership cards featuring expiry dates, a third-party review of the proposed bylaws, and the use of facilitators for the upcoming AGM, are all under consideration by PTS staff.
Jessica Freedman, acting president of PTS, says the staff was disappointed by the failure to reach quorum; however, it was not an isolated situation.
“To put it in context, in the almost decade that I’ve been active in PTS, this absolutely is not the first time AGMs have failed to meet quorum,” Freedman says. “As upsetting as it was to all of us, this is not a unique event.”
If you would like to be eligible to vote at the next AGM, you must obtain or renew your membership by Oct 30.
Visit PTS’s official site to purchase a membership online.

The Nov 29 meeting will be the third PTS AGM this year. The first attempt took place June 26.