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Public Health wants you to know the Hard Facts

 Today marks the launch of a new campaign aimed at men who have sex with men. 

"Easy To Get, Easy To Test, Get The Cure” is the slogan for TheHardFacts.ca, a website developped by Public Health to spread the word about syphilis – how you can get it, how you can get tested and how you can cure it.

The language of the site is clear, cimple and colloquial, with information on how it is spread, what to look for, and how and where to get tested. It even includes a downloadble blood requisition form, and a list of possible locations where you can get blood work done.

The site will be promoted online on various websites where men meet each other, as well as phone apps. They will also place print ads in various bars, all of them equipped with QR codes that link to the website.

So check out The Hard Facts.