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Puerto Rican sentenced for threatening gay activist on Twitter

Morales Serrano ordered to stay off Twitter and to give the man a hug

Pedro Serrano’s twitter picture Credit: Twitter

A Puerto Rican man was sentenced to three days in jail and three years probation for threatening a gay rights activist on Twitter, reports El Nuevo Dia (SPANISH)

Joseph Joel Morales Serrano, 26, tweeted a threat to activist Pedro Julio Serrano (no relation), suggesting that May 17’s International Day Against Homophobia could end up like the Boston marathon bombings. 

“I apologize to Pedro Julio Serrano and the LGBT community, who were offended and threatened. I’ve learned my lesson,” Morales Serrano read from a statement. 

Judge José Fusté said in his ruling that the case was part of a larger problem of disrespect online. 

“I see the comments that get posted,” he said. “They are horrendous, and disrespect those who are different.”

The judge ordered Morales Serrano to stay away from Twitter for three years, and asked him to hug the victim and ask for forgiveness.