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Pulse, dangerous allies and disgraceful conduct

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Remembering Pulse

A year after the Pulse Nightclub shooting claimed 49 lives, thousands gathered in Orlando, Florida on Monday to pay their respects. Over the weekend, LGBT folk marched in cities across the country to protest rollbacks in LGBT rights by the Trump administration.

A homophobic alliance

LGBT members of UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s own Conservative Party are raising alarms about the party’s alliance with the Democratic Union Party, which is known for its homophobic views. May was forced to ally with the DUP to keep power after losing her majority in parliament.

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Research shows growing LGBT population

A report from Pew Research shows the number of people in the United States who identify as LGBT continues to grow, breaking four percent in 2016. A majority of American LGBT people now identify as bisexual.

Anti-gay “witch hunt” widens in South Korean military

A South Korean military investigation into homosexuality has now charged over 30 soldiers, human rights groups say. It’s not illegal to be gay in South Korea, but homosexual activity during compulsory military service is deemed “disgraceful conduct.”

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An impatient crusader

Love him or hate him, Chad Griffin has been one of the most influential gay rights crusaders on the American and world stage. The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette profiles his rise from small-town Arkansas boy to head of the Human Rights Campaign.