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Pulse, politics and island nations

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Evidence shows Pulse shooting was not targeting LGBT people

Despite the reported narrative that the gunman who killed dozens at an Orlando, Florida, nightclub was targeting gay people, new evidence suggests he hit the club at random after finding that his original target, a shopping mall, was too heavily guarded. [Vox]

Clouds gather on Taiwan’s marriage mandate

While Taiwan’s highest court has ordered that the country legalize same-sex marriage by next year, conservative forces are organizing a referendum to try to preempt the change. [The Diplomat]

America’s season of LGBT victory

Despite 120 anti-LGBT laws proposed across the United States this state legislative session, not a single one has yet passed. LGBT political power in the United States, writes Amber Phillips at the Washington Post, is on the verge of a milestone.

Hundreds march against gay sex in Trinidad and Tobago

Christian groups took to the streets in Trinidad and Tobago’s capital Port of Spain to demand that laws against gay sex not be removed. This week the country’s high court will rule on the law.

Vanuatu civil society groups organize against same-sex marriage

Responding to rumours of a legislative push for same-sex marriage, Christian, women’s and tribal groups of the archipelago nation of Vanuatu have organized a petition to oppose recognition of same-sex unions. [Daily Post]