Toronto Diary
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Putin goes on a fabulous gay adventure

One of the major theories behind Vladimir Putin’s obsessive hangup with the gay community is that the dude is a massive closet case. While this doesn’t really have any actual proof to back it up, it would probably explain whatever the fuck this is supposed to be.

Unfounded rumour or not, it does provide the basis for this delightful cartoon, which takes an intimate look at Putin’s “happy place” and his true feelings on the gay community.

The start-up goes on for a bit longer than it needs to, but the caricatures are spot on, and it does do a good job of calling out the Russian gay propaganda law for what it is while lampshading the Western world’s own rampant homophobia. But most importantly, it shows us what a gay Putin would look like. That right there is worth my two minutes and 46 seconds.