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Putin, #LeaveGaysAlone!

So . . . how about them Olympics? Yeah, not goin’ so great.

To be fair, there haven’t been Olympics Games in recent memory quite so hated as Sochi. I’m sure Putin thought this was going to be his time to shine. And yet, by drawing attention to himself in the midst of putting a happy face on his anti-gay propaganda laws, he’s really set up himself and the Games to fail.

N’est-ce pas, malfunctioning snowflake things?

To draw attention to this, (which, full disclosure, is owned by Pink Triangle Press, which also owns has created a new campaign, #LeaveGaysAlone, featuring quotes from Putin himself layered over explicit artwork of the Russian leader. Very, very explicit images.

See what I mean? EXPLICIT. Anyway, as Pink Triangle Press’s digital business director, Attila Szatmari, says, “We are excited to launch this campaign [ . . . ] Pink Triangle Press has been fighting for LGBT rights for over 40 years; we feel that it is our duty to draw attention to what’s happening in Russia. We are doing it the Squirt way: sexy, explicit and controversial.”

So if you want to undermine the Olympics, draw attention to Russia’s anti-gay laws or just have a very specific fetish involving Vladimir Putin, follow Squirt’s Twitter account during the Olympics.