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Putting your best face forward

I can't discuss any more politics today!  Sure, I'm still irritated by the Alberta Tories' great transgender distraction, I'm relieved that Barack Obama has released the horrifying White House "torture memos" and I'm delighted by the gay marriage push in New York, but all that pales in comparison to the controversy that's going to bug me all weekend:

How could Rupert Everett do that to his face???

Ten years younger?  Sure, but a different person ten years back!  Everett debuted his new face on "The Martha Stewart Show" (of all places) last weekend and fortunately, it's not as frightening to see him in motion.  He can still move his eyebrows, which is more than you can say for Cher!

What do you think?  Was the dashing daddy inferior to this waxy wonder?