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Q & A with Peter Breeze as he launches video for third single, ‘Taxi’

He is unabashedly a bigger fame whore than a Tiger Woods mistress. Tonight at 1181, local pop phenom Peter Breeze premieres the video for the third single off his debut album, Send in the Robots. But first, the boy who proclaims over a wicked retro beat that he “doesn’t give a fuck” was kind enough to indulge Blitz & Shitz in a little Q & A. 

Blitz & Shitz: Andy said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Gaga says everyone is already famous. What do you think of fame, and why do you want to be famous? 

Peter Breeze: I’ve always thought of fame as something I could orchestrate and build. It never seemed like something that had to be given to me… especially once I got into nightlife. Andy and Gaga are essentially just commenting on the accessibility of fame, and I guess I am too. Andy said that you are famous, Gaga said that we are famous, and I’m saying that I’m famous. Fame is something that exists in me; I’m just bringing it to life.

B&S: There are so many components to being a singer and performer. What’s your favourite part of what you do?

PB: The process of taking an idea and giving it life. I’ve become a lot more confident in myself as an artist. I think in the beginning I thought of myself like everyone else did: a party boy who wanted to be famous. It was hard for me to give myself artistic credibility because it all started so superficially, but in retrospect, I can see that I put just as much energy into going out and building a reputation as I now do writing music and putting on a show. It doesn’t matter how art manifests itself, and I refuse to put boundaries on expressing who I am and what I feel.

B&S: The only mainstream gay pop acts are boy band has-beens or American Idol rejects. What’s it going to take for there to be an international gay pop star who's as influential and successful as some of the biggest straight performers?

PB: I really think it all comes down to being honest from the beginning. If you become incredibly successful and then come out, I think people feel cheated. You have to let them know who you are from the beginning if you want them to be with you all the way. A lot of artists wait for Rolling Stone to call them so they can come out in style. I don’t need my sexuality to be a milestone in my career; when Rolling Stone calls me, it's going to be because I’m the best at what I do, not because I like to suck cock. 

B&S: What do you think of vaginas?

PB: I dunno. Ask my sister… she likes them a lot more than I do.

B&S: Let’s say iPods weren’t in alphabetical order. What two artists does Peter Breeze fit between and why?

PB: I’m gonna stroke my ego here and say Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan. I put on a good show, but everyone thinks I’m a mess.

B&S: What do you most appreciate about [producer] Maxwell Maxwell?

PB: Either the voicemails he leaves me or the food he makes for me. It’s no secret that Max is dripping with talent, and if you had asked me a year ago, I would probably have said that’s what I appreciated most. But honestly, he does this thing where he pretends to be Madonna on my voicemail, and it’s so fucking funny. He also finds the funniest shit on the internet, and at 5am, just when you think you are gonna pass out, he will keep you up until 10 laughing your ass off.

B&S: The video for your third single, "Taxi," is premiering tonight at 1181. What can we expect?

PB: Glamour. Lots and lots of glamour. 

Take a listen to the Maxwell Maxwell-produced "Taxi" (below), and stop by 1181 tonight for the video premiere!