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Q&A: Jackie Beat

Down & dirty

Headlining Grapefruit’s upcoming fifth anniversary party Fri, Nov 9 is wicked drag performer Jackie Beat. Beat has been entertaining audiences across the US and in Europe for more than a decade with her barbed wit and infamous song parodies (like her Britney-esque “Gimme More Filthy Whore”).

I managed to grab a moment with the antistar to get the lowdown on six burning questions.

Who do you wear on your lips to get them so big and pouty?

“Who? Hopefully some hot Puerto Rican! But if you mean makeup I line them with MAC liner and then use white pigment in the centre to make them look big. I actually have very thin, cruel lips. Like a snake.”

The one piece of maquillage you absolutely cannot survive without?

“MAC chromacake in black. It’s only available at the pro stores, but it’s amazing for those large Amy Winehouse eyeliner wings &madash; which, by the way, I have been doing for yeeears!”

Having starred opposite Robert DeNiro in Flawless, who is your greatest inspiration?

“The rock group Kiss. They were so over-the-top, people laughed at them. But they never gave up and now they are legendary!”

Your favourite celebrity parody?

“Madonna because she takes herself so seriously. Look, we fell in love with her because she was a trashy slut, right? So enough with the fake British accent and writing children’s books &madash; I want my tramp back!”

Words of advice for young, aspiring drag performers?

“Quit. If they’re really meant to do it, they will think, ‘Fuck you, bitch. I ain’t quitting!’ and ignore my advice.”