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Q&A with DJ Pierre Fitch

Not only is Canadian gay porn megastar Pierre Fitch keeping himself busy with a recent career resurgence, but he's also finally DJing in his hometown of Montreal, in honour of his boyfriend Raphaël's birthday, after reinventing himself as an established DJ and playing clubs all over the world. The party takes place Aug 24 at Club U N (390 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest) from 10pm until 3am. Xtra caught up with Pierre to talk about club etiquette, DJing and the importance of dental hygiene.

Xtra: How do you pick up any guy you want?

Pierre Fitch: Well, I would eye him down for sure and then keep my eye on him. Check out his crotch to make sure the package looks big! And don't wear granny clothes or tacky shoes and look good. Once the guy sees you eyeing him down and looks back, go up to him and make conversation. Tell him he is cute, ask him, "What's up? How is your night?" and so on. Then, if you score, go home and fuck him or get fucked!

Xtra: How do you avoid being that guy?

PF: Make sure you aren't too trashy, like if you're falling all over the person when you're trying to score, and have good breath!

Xtra: What's the perfect club drink?

PF: The perfect club drink is, for sure, double Grey Goose with cranberry, a little lemon juice splash, and ice.

Xtra: What's your advice to others looking to break in to the DJ game?

PF: If you're looking to DJ, make sure you go to a school or find someone who can teach you. Before going into clubs, send them your demo CDs and promote yourself! And be sure to check out my DJ site ( and my fan page (

Xtra: And a quick word to your boyfriend for his birthday?

PF: I wish you a good year of success and happy birthday to your big old 25! 

EDIT: If you want a preview of Pierre's mixes (and, let's face it, you do), here's a demo CD