Bob Rae
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QP: Awkward rhymes

Whoever thought it was a good idea to try to get Nycole Turmel to start rhyming in English should probably pack up his
desk, because it was a bad, bad scene. Turmel, whose awkwardness with the
rhythm of the English language tops that of Stéphane Dion, flailed as she tried
to give a Dr Seuss-like question about Peter MacKay and his helicopter ride.
The question flopped, and Harper stood up to give a shrug that this question
has been answered already. Turmel and then Alexandre Boulerice moved on to the questions
surrounding the RCMP investigation of the Montreal Port Authority. Harper and
then Lebel each replied that the government had no role in appointing the
chairman, that it was a decision of the board of directors. Bob Rae asked
first about Peter MacKay not telling the truth regarding his helicopter ride
(Harper: It was for government business), then about sending an auditor to deal
with the situation in Attawapiskat (Harper: We’re ensuring accountability and
that help gets to those who need it).

Round two kicked off with Jamie Nicholls
asking again about the Port of Montreal investigation (Lebel: same answer);
David Christopherson demanded “more with sorrow than with anger” that MacKay
resign because he won’t apologize for the helicopter ride (small surprise,
MacKay did not offer); Charlie Angus, Linda Duncan and Jonathan Genest-Jourdain
asked about Attawapiskat and other northern Quebec First Nations who are
reaching crisis situations (Rickford: We urge the band councils to be part of
the solution); and Françoise Boivin asked about the demise of the long-gun
registry in light of the anniversary of the massacre at École Polytechnique
(Hoeppner: You’re misrepresenting facts). John McKay asked Peter MacKay to do
the honourable thing and apologize (but not resign); MacKay didn’t. Denis
Coderre asked about the Montreal Port Authority (Lebel: Same answer yet again).
Megan Leslie asked about the climate negotiations (Rempel: How dare you suggest
the rest of the world ignore Canada), and Jean Crowder and Claude Patry asked
about overtime cuts at Service Canada over the holidays (Finley: We’ve added
additional resources).

Round three saw questions on the perimeter security agreement, asbestos, job losses in Newfoundland and Labrador (Finley declared that “hearts and prayers” went out to those families who lost
jobs), cuts to veterans’ funeral funds, and RCMP sexual harassment allegations. Bob
Rae got up for another crack at MacKay, noting that his talking points have
changed since September (MacKay repeated his new talking points, and by the way,
Orwell says hello), then there were questions on horse meat and programs for

Sartorially speaking, snaps go out to Lisa
 for a black dress with a coloured pattern and a black sweater, and to Jonathan Genest-Jourdain for his light-grey suit with a light-indigo checked
shirt and a dark tie (though I will suggest that he keep his very stylish
glasses on when he rises to speak in the House). Style citations go out to Cathy McLeod for her black turtleneck with a white sparkling floral print jacket,
and to Yvon GodinJean Rousseau and Raymond Côté each for wearing grey suits
with fluorescent blue shirts. Seriously, guys – stop with the fluorescent
colours, even if Simons and Le Château have them on the racks. The '80s are

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