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QP: That’s not what your critic said

Yesterday’s announcement on shipyards was
top of mind for the NDP as Nycole Turmel kicked off question period by
wondering why the final $2 billion contract was not yet announced, with the
implication that Quebec’s Davie Shipyard should be the recipient. Harper responded
by pointing out the contradictory NDP statements and patted himself on the
back for all the jobs these contracts were creating. Denis Blanchette followed
up on the future of the Davie Shipyard; Ambrose reminded him that the NDP's own critic said it was a great day for all Canadians. Bob Rae brought up
his two familiar questions on the increase in EI premiums and why the government
won’t make tax credits refundable, to which he got stock answers, but then
asked why the government could go through such a rigorous, arm’s length process
for shipbuilding contracts but not the F-35s. Harper replied that the F-35s were
chosen under the previous Liberal government (which is actually not true).

Round two kicked off with Annick Papillon returning
to the shipyard question, and Christine Moore repeating Rae’s question on the
process. Then Ryan Cleary and Philip Toone asked about cuts at
Fisheries and Oceans (Ashfield: We value science! Look – we’re building three
new science vessels!), and Fin Donnelly returned to his question about a salmon
virus affecting stocks – not that he got a real answer from Ashfield. Sean
Casey asked about cuts to Veterans Affairs (Blaney: Veterans are winning under
our government!); Kevin Lamoureux asked about the economic considerations
surrounding the death of the Wheat Board (Ritz: It’ll create a broader base for
small industry in the area on the processing side); and Frank Valeriote asked
whether the death of the Wheat Board meant supply management was next
(Ritz: We were the only party to protect supply management in our platform).
Jamie Nicholls asked about the Quebec cuts at Canada Post (Fletcher: Permanent
positions not affected), and Megan Leslie and Jack Harris asked about cuts at
ACOA (Valcourt: No impact to services, and look at all the jobs the shipyards
will bring in!).

Round three saw questions on income
disparities, IRS harassment of dual citizens, ozone scientists being muzzled,
the G8 Legacy Fund, quotas disadvantaging certain veterans, why Canada wasn’t
attending a social determinants of health conference, a question on Spirit Day
(full story on xtra.ca tomorrow), and the effect of the omnibus crime bill on
Quebec’s youth justice system.

Sartorially speaking, there were a few MPs
who managed to wear some purple for Spirit Day, and a few others had purple
ribbons to mark the day, but in comparison to other “wear [X] colour” days, it
was fairly light for uptake. Snaps go out to Randall Garrison for his lovely
violet shirt and the black tie with a purple starburst pattern in the centre,
and to Michelle Rempel for her well-tailored grey jacket and skirt with a black
top. Style citations go out to Raymond Coté for a hot pink shirt with a black
jacket and grey tie, and to Rona Ambrose for a black top that draped poorly
from a high, banded collar.

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