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Queer and trans fantasy book club

Tumblr user compiles list of LGBT-themed fantasy and sci-fi literature

One of the biggest challenges of being a queer nerd, I’ve always found, is finding a good book.

Sure, there are plenty of fantastic fantasy and science fiction writers and novels out there, but as with any other medium, I seek out stories that reflect myself, my identity and my experiences — even in some small way.

Luckily, Tumblr user perplexingly, a Polish student and illustrator, has compiled and itemized a rather comprehensive list of sci-fi and fantasy books with gay, lesbian, queer and trans themes and characters.

“My main focus is high, heroic and historic fantasy and all books listed here are of this genre unless stated otherwise; all titles redirect to Goodreads page,” perplexingly explains. “I only list books in where the main or major character is queer.”

So make up a cup of tea, crack open a book and disappear into a queer new world.