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Queer band takes on Harper’s agenda

The Habit's latest slams plan to reverse gay marriage

Established indie band the habit debuted their new socially aware single fighter at zaphod’s may 16, drawing an impressive crowd as well as international press from europe and asia.

Aimed at Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative party’s stance on gay marriage, lead singer and bassist Darren Rogers’ lyrics seem to speak for those who can’t.

Never told you come in to my life I gave you no invite

Never said don’t do this with your life with wife that’s not right

The lyrics came to Rogers while visiting his parents in New Brunswick around the time the gay marriage debate was at its height.

“I thought about all I have been through with my family, and the lyrics just came out,” said Rogers. “I didn’t even think about it consciously.”

Fighter was recently released on The Habit’s website and the accompanying press release was quickly picked up on newswires in Germany.

“It’s been translated into German, Flemish, Spanish and Japanese,” said Rogers. “It’s shocking how quickly word has spread. We’ve received messages of support from all across Europe.”

The Habit’s guitarist and bassist, affectionately nicknamed Uncle Dennis, says he has been taken by surprised by the attention Fighter has generated.

“It’s an issue that’s important to Canadians,” said Dennis. “It’s indicative that now is the time this issue has to be addressed. To reopen the debate seems futile and ridiculous given that it’s already been settled.”

The Habit has a new album in the works and will be independently releasing it this summer.

“Realistically, we’re aiming for a July release.”

Rogers guarantees fans will hear a more structured sound.

“This album had a completely different approach. The last album was basically live off the floor,” said Rogers. “We wanted this album to be a bit more polished.”

The Habit evolved from Rogers and guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Dan Valin’s previous musical identity D*Rogers. In addition to Rogers, Valin and Uncle Dennis, The Habit is comprised of vocalists Michael Stevenson and Agatha Alstrom, violinist Warren Kidd, saxophonist Garret Pratt and percussionist Robert Caron. Alstrom and Caron are the lone straight allies in the band.

The Habit will take the stage at this year’s WestFest.

“Fighter is a song that addresses the rights of minorities. We shouldn’t forget that the majority should fight for this too,” Caron said.