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Queer Bash this NYE

Photo by Brandon Gaukel of Isolde N Barron and the glamorous profile of Jaylene Tyme.

Host Isolde N Barron is back from a safari in South Africa (and I don’t just mean from giving a blowjob to a South African with an overgrown bush). After all that outdoorsy adventure, I bet her delectable freckles are popping like champagne corks (or, er, other things) will be tonight! She’s doing the countdown, so you’re going to want to get to The Cobalt (917 Main St) before midnight or hope to god that the Queen of the Eastside isn’t wearing her horns!

Here’s what Queer Bash: End of Days vs Glamour Gays has in store for you:

Meet your maker or Booty Shaker?
The Mayans were Right or Club Kid Fight?
Apocalypse or Fierce lips?

Your favourite DRESS UP MESS UP is back to usher in a New Year!!! So dress the hell up in your glamour or your grim. 

Featuring your favourite Cobalt sound machine
And a familiar face to queerbashers, DJ G-LUV!

With performances by
The Queen of East Van ISOLDE N. BARRON
The Queen of Gorelesque BLOODY BETTY
The Patron Saint of East Van JAYLENE TYME
Come dance and sweat your faces off with the sexiest homo dancefloor in town! 


See you in the future! 

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