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Queer comedy goes mainstream

Comedian Robert Keller hosts a new monthly queer comedy night at Yuk Yuk’s

Robert Keller brings the gay to Yuk Yuk’s. Credit: XXXX

Toronto has several popular queer comedy nights — including Queer as Fuck at The Steady and 120 Wednesdays, a new open-mic night at Club120 — but none of them is what you’d call mainstream. That is, until now: Robert Keller is set to host a new monthly queer comedy night at Yuk Yuk’s.

To Keller, it is unacceptable that there’s no recurring queer comedy show at any of the major comedy clubs in Toronto. “Not to diminish [other queer comedy shows], but we should have a commercial show. Frequently, shows are tip-based, which is fine, but there should be a platform for queer comedians to go and get paid,” he says.

Called OUTrageous! With Robert Keller, the show will take place the last Wednesday of each month. Audiences will file in to one of our favourite gingers, DJ Johnnie “Orange Pekoe” Walker spinning pop and R&B, and each show will begin with Keller performing a musical number featuring some eye-candy. “I’m working with two of the most gorgeous backup dancers you’ve ever seen, and, naturally, I insist they be shirtless,” Keller says.   

The first show will open with Ian Lynch (1 Girl 5 Gays and MuchMusic’s New Music Live) and Ted Morris (CBC’s Stephen and Chris and CTV’s Comedy Now!), followed by headliner Gavin Crawford, well-loved for his current and insightful character-based comedy. “Getting Gavin is a huge coup, and we’re thrilled to have him. He’s very busy and difficult to book. He’s only performed at Yuk Yuk’s once before,” Keller says. “He’s sort of not what you’re expecting; he’s very unassuming, but he’s a perfectionist and does so many interesting things.”