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Wrong info about PTS in Out In The City Listing

The board tasked with building a queer community centre will host its Annual General Meeting on Mon, Sep 17 at 7pm at the new location of Pink Triangle Services, 251 Bank, Suite 301.

Capital Xtra’s Out In The City (issue 175, page 31) listings incorrectly identified the event as the AGM of Pink Triangle Services.

The following sentence, which appeared in Out In The City is factually incorrect: “Pink Triangle Services currently does not have enough board members to conduct business and desperately needs more new voices to carry out tasks and determine the direction of the organization.” Capital Xtra regrets the error.

Pink Triangle Services has, in fact, already had their AGM and in June, Capital Xtra’s Melanie Wood reported on it. Here’s what she had to say:

“With a new executive director hired, and their board of directors just one member shy of a full slate, members of Pink Triangle Services were optimistic for the coming year at their annual general meeting held June 26 in PTS’s offices on Nepean St.

“Approximately 30 people gathered to hear reports from president Michael Henschel, treasurer Jeff Atkinson and out-going executive director Wayne Adams, along with electing next year’s board of directors.”

CLICK HERE to read the full PTS AGM story

The queer community centre project, on the other hand, is in disrepair. It needs an injection of fresh blood if it is ever going to realize the dream of building a queer community centre in Ottawa.

Again, it’s the queer community centre project AGM that is approaching, not PTS’s, and that project needs your help. Capital Xtra apologizes for its inaccurate listing.