Toronto Diary
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Queer Content Everywhere! Also, Sour Grapes

Tarragon Theatre annouced its 2009-10 season today, including a new play written and directed by queer playwright Daniel MacIvor.

Not to be outdone, Hot Docs announced its lineup for the upcoming festival, running from April 30 to May 10. Queer documentary fans will be happy to see a film called Outrage on the bill, which examines American politicians who campaign against queer issues.

Vancouver-based musician Matthew Good shoots his mouth off by blasting the upcoming Juno awards as being too commercial and not about the art. Good, who was not nominated for a Juno this year, might sound like a bizarrely irrelevant choice of critic given that his last album of any significance was 2004’s White Light Rock and Roll Review, but don’t forget that the Junos exist in a dimension outside of conventional space and time, where artists maintain relevance up to a decade after everyone else has forgotten about them. Don’t believe me? Check out David Usher’s nomination for Pop Album of the Year, which boasts that Usher has sold 1.3 million albums over the course of his both his solo career and with Moist, even though 1.2 million of those sales were between 1993 and 2003, and he’s had four albums since then. Perhaps Good was just hoping that he could regain relevance by osmosis. Oh yeah, and k.d. lang was nominated too. The Junos air on Sunday.