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Queer Express to Abbotsford…and MARIAH

Looking for something to do tomorrow? Here's your ticket to the Valley, courtesy of the Centre, Out on Screen and the Vancouver Pride Society:

There is a wonderful event happening Saturday December 6th in
Abbotsford BC. LGTB youth and their allies have organised a Social
Justice Rally to start at 11:00 a.m. at Abbotsford Community Services.
The rally is intended to bring attention to the needs for equality and
diversity education (particularly in light of the recent cancellation
of Social Justice 12 by the Abbotsford School Board) and to respond to
comments that "there are no gays in Abbotsford".

 You can show your support for Abbotsford LGTB people by getting on board the Queer Express!

 In response to an invitation from Fraser Valley Youth Society to the
Vancouver LGTB community to come out in support on Saturday; The
Centre, Vancouver Pride Society and Out On Screen have joined in a
community partnership to make it easy for you to show off your pride
and community support.

 Early Saturday December 6th there will be three buses waiting outside
The Centre (1170 Bute @ Davie) to take Vancouver area people out to
Abbotsford. We will leave at 9:00 a.m. and return to The Centre at 3:00

 We will have tonnes of fun on board (think music, think drag queens,
think munchies, think community spirit!) and once we get to Abbotsford
we will join in the rally to show queer youth of the Fraser Valley that
they are not alone.

 If you want to take your own vehicle why not come by The Centre
anyway?! We may have some overflow from the buses that you could
carpool with and then we will form a Queer Convoy!

 Priscilla Queen of the Desert would be proud!

Later in the evening, you could also check out this.


Now on to other news:


No, you're a sweetheart, Mariah Carey! And I can't wait to see you in Tennessee <drool>. For the record: my love for Mariah has remained unquenched since my older sister Larissa bought me copies of Daydream and Butterfly back in 1997 (as I was too scared of being called a homo to go buy them myself). Those were the days, people. Now look at me! UGHN!
Mariah even wrote a new song for the movie, with Willie Nelson.
Mmm…classic Mariah. And hey, guess what else? She was on the Grammy Nominations Show the other night: