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Queer message to Toronto city hall: back off

"Pride’s recent decision to limit the expression of one single statement (and by extension, one specific group) cannot withstand scrutiny, nor should it be tolerated in a free and democratic society such as Canada’s. The reasoning provided by Pride to support this decision is, at best, contradictory and littered with half-truths and misinformation. It relies on the language and principles of non-discrimination, which are important and must be supported, to advance an agenda that, in actual fact, perpetuates discrimination. It demonstrates that Pride has made the decision to limit expression in the name of sponsorship and money, has bowed to threats that cannot be supported in law, and…"

As we reported yesterday, a small group of gay and lesbian activists gathered at city hall to depute a motion designed to pressure Pride Toronto into banning Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. Because it was withdrawn, there was no chance to speak to it. Xtra has obtained copies of the deputations, available as PDFs:

Zahra Dhanani's deputation (quoted above)
Sue Goldstein's deputation
Shawn Syms' deputation
Roy Mitchell's deputation
Rachel Epstein's deputation
Michael Went's deputation
Elle Flanders' deputation
Jane Farrow's deputation 

>> Read the whole background here.


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