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Queer of the Year – Day 2

When's the last time you spent 16 hours with a group of virtual strangers? I'm pretty sure my group in Montreal is ready to get stabby with me. And I don't blame them. We went shopping today in the Atwater Market around 6am PST. Atwater is an outdoor/indoor market, sort of like Granville Island without the view. On the flipside, it had waaaaay more produce and meats and cheeses.

We attended Ateliers & Saveurs, a cooking school in old Montreal this morning to learn how to cook from a crack team of chefs and mixologists. It was a pretty amazing experience and a comparable one in Vancouver would be with the Dirty Apron, or any other reputable local cooking school.

Here are some shots from today. I still need your votes, so please don't hesitate to visit and click on the vote button. Thanks!!

Trying to get the culinary masterminds to vote Team Horlor

Picking out my contribution to yesterday's challenge from the lobster tank… cold blooded!

Chef Whore… I know, right?

Check the QOTY website later today for videos from our cooking challenge. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll binge and purge. It's that good. I promise.