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Queer pics from Sundance

James Franco's explicit new film sells out

The Sundance Film Festival had lots for gay and lesbian audiences this year, including the much-anticipated premiere of James Franco’s new short film, Interior. Leather Bar.

Directed by Franco and Travis Mathews (director of I Want Your Love), it was inspired by X-rated scenes from William Friedkin’s 1980 film Cruising, which starred Al Pacino as an undercover cop searching for a serial killer who has a thing for gay men.
“It’s very explicit and sold out every screening and was the talk of the town,” says Peter Knegt, who covered Sundance for Xtra. “It’s fascinating.”
There were also several strong films for women, he says, including Concussion
“It has a lot of really hot lesbian sex in it,” Knegt says.
Take a look at our video, which includes excerpts from some of the films and a Skype interview with Knegt.