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Queer power

Screamclub promises a high-energy good time

Credit: Xtra West files

Michael Venus: Could you describe your band and music for the unfortunate readers who haven’t ever heard of you.

SC: We are an Electro Sex hop hip pop punk rock rap group.

MV: What can people who come to your show expect?

SC: It’s a life-changing experience when hot dayglo queerions perform synchronized dance moves that would put Britney Spears to shame. If you can see through the smoke and bubbles you might see us rolling around naked on the floor, still keeping our raps tight.

MV: How did you come together and form your group?

SC: Me (Cindy Wonderful) and Sarah Adorable met at the local porn store; she was behind the counter, I was applying for a job. It was love at first sight. I didn’t get the job, but I got the girl. We traded buttons, and I took her for a ride on my bmx bike. Next thing you know, we were drunk and rapping and the rest is history.

MV: You also both work in other media. Fill us in on all that fun.

SC: I (Cindy Wonderful) do a cable access TV show, called Wonderground. It features independent music videos, short films , radical politics, and an occasional interview. I (Cindy Wonderful) also make music videos, as well as play a bunch of instruments, including drums in Romantic Retard Nation. Sarah Adorable recently finished co-directing and co-writing the now infamous Malaqueeche Queer Punk Rock Show, which is a story about the Mullets and the Mohawks, two queer rival gangs in a race for punk rock stardom in a world ripe with deceit, kidnappings, and dirty-deed-doin’ two –timin’ spies. It has been making the festival rounds, and taking the cult underground by storm. We also host our own pirate radio show on Saturdays 8-10 pm (Olympia time) on Free Radio Olympia. Tune in online at

MV: Who, what and where are your inspirations?

Sarah: Anybody fuckin shit up.

Cindy: Stinkmitt.

MV: Being out dyke hip hoppers in a mostly straight male industry, do you often deal with sexism and homophobia? And how do you deal with it?

SC: Since we live in Olympia, which is a queer bubble, we don’t usually experience a lot of sexism or homophobia. But the second we turn on the radio, it’s a different story-there are sooooo many idiots voicing their opinions. Every song on Top 40 radio is totally offensive, and it sucks, ‘cuz the music is awesome. It pisses me off, but I know social change does happen, and it just encourages us to take a stand whenever we see injustice, even if people don’t want to hear it. It just makes us want to keep doin’ what we’re doing, and spreading our own message.

MV: There seems to be a big queer punk scene in Olympia. What is in the water there- and tell us how we can drink from that well?

SC: We are still trying to figure it out ourselves. But if you come to our show, you can help but feel just a little bit of the Olympia magic.

MV: Do you ever get on each other’s nerves and are you lovers or, like, what?

SC: Yeah, we are practically married, and total fuck buddies; we are best friends.

MV: What fierceness can we expect from you in the future?

SC: Shit if I know. All I know is by this time next year we plan to be hella fuckin’ rich, throwing hundreds of dollars into the crowds at our shows, making anarchy signs out of $2 bills, and funding the anarchist revolution. But of course, before we destroy capitalism all together, we might splurge on a jacuzzi and maybe a giant party with every kind of free drug available.

MV: I want to know something hot about both of you so please spill some beans.

SC: We just discovered the joys of anal penetration.



Thu, Mar 25

Tix $8 at Little Sister’s, Zulu.