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Queer Quebec Monday+a side of Karen O


Man! Ok yes, hotness, films and music for today, helps take the edge of the deathface I'm sporting.

Karen O and the Kids have a song on the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack and it's pretty good, if you like children singing in unison.


dwnld it somewhere on the innernets.

Film me
Also, image+nation continues for the next couple of days. I forgot to do my picks last week for the K&K readership (if there is one, commenting is disabled because Jesus hates me). Anyway, make sure to check out the awesome documentary Training Rules, about this bitch coach who had three rules for her Penn State basketball team: no drinking, no drugs, no lesbos. Plays this Sunday.

Also good is Wednesday's Queerement Quebec. Features a short (That’s Right Diana Barry – You Needed Me) by Dayna McLeod, the local video artist and queer broadcaster. Also, NKP, a documentary about local favourite drag king, Nat King Pole. Also
in this program : That’s Right Diana Barry – You Needed Me, Rewind
(Dans le champ), Le même combat, The Girl Bunnies. Hockey, 12:12, Ceci
n’est pas une drag queen.


  • General Idea: Art, AIDS and the fin de siècle (cutting edge art collective that looked at AIDS at a time where it was rarely discussed)
  • The Other War (selection of films about Jews and the queers)
  • To Faro (Mein Freund aus Faro) (hailed as the German Boys Don't Cry)
  • The Butch Factor (A Village People’s worth of straight-acting and straight-talking gay men in a survey of masculinities)
    If you go see one movie at i+n, let it be this amazing doc: Training Rules

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